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Award for Outstanding Achievement

Given to a pediatrician or professional working in pediatrics who has given exceptional service to improve the health and well-being of children and adolescents.
Past Recipients:
1991 Andrea Gravatt, MD, Asheville
1992 Jonnie Horn McLeod, MD, Charlotte
1993 H. David Bruton, MD, Southern Pines
1994 David R. Williams, Sr., MD, Thomasville
2000 Thomas Vitaglione, MPH, Raleigh
2002 George A. Engstrom, MD, Concord
2003 C. Ellis Fisher, MD, Gastonia
2006 Samuel L. Katz, MD, Durham
2007 Elwood B. Coley, MD Lumberton
2007 Marian F. Earls, MD, Greensboro
2008 Rebecca R. Socolar, MD, MPH, Durham
2008 Robert P. Schwartz, MD, Winston-Salem
2009 William W. Lawrence, Jr., MD, Durham
2009 K. Michael Dennis, MD, Hendersonville
2011 Sarah C. Armstrong, MD, Durham
2012 Jimmy Simon, MD, Winston-Salem
2013 Gerri Mattson, MD, MPH Chapel Hill
2017 Brandy Bynum Dawson, MPA 



David T. Tayloe, Sr. Award for Outstanding Community Service

Given to a pediatrician who has made exceptional contribution in her/his local community or statewide, and that may include efforts beyond the practice setting.
Past Recipients:
1991 Andrea Gravatt, MD, Asheville
1992 Jonnie Horn McLeod, MD, Charlotte
1993 H. David Bruton, MD, Southern Pines
1994 David R. Williams, Sr., MD, Thomasville
1995 William R. Purcell, MD, Laurinburg
1996 David T. Tayloe, Jr., MD, Goldsboro
1997 Charles L. Kennedy, MD, Winston-Salem
1998 Peter J. Morris, MD, Fuquay-Varina
1999 Wallace D. Brown, MD, Raleigh
2000 Robert L. Young, MD, Lumberton
2001 C. Lee Gilliatt, Jr., MD, Shelby
2002 Olson Huff, MD, Black Mountain
2003 Frederick D. Burroughs, MD, Raleigh
2004 Joseph W. Ponzi, MD, Goldsboro
2005 John G. Johnston, MD, Charlotte
2006 Steve Wegner, MD, JD, Chapel Hill
2007 Deborah L. Ainsworth, MD, Washington
2008 Joseph T. Bell, MD, Lumberton
2009 Sue Hollowell Lee, MD, Bayboro
2010 Jerry C. Bernstein, MD, Raleigh
2011 Marian F. Earls, MD, Greensboro
2012 Tamara Coyne-Beasley, MD, Durham
2012 Charles Scott, MD.
2014 Robert “Rip” V. Ford, Jr., MD
2015 Jane Foy, MD, FAAP
Graham Barden, III, MD, FAA
• Christoph Diasio, MD, FAAP
2017 Julie Linton. MD. FAAP
2018 Gerri Mattson, MD, MSPH, FAAP
2019 John Rusher MD, JD, FAAP 


Denny, Katz, Simon, Tingelstad Academic Service Award

Given to an academic pediatrician member for outstanding efforts to improve the health and wellness of all children in our state.
Past Recipients:
2002 Robert P. Schwartz, MD, Winston-Salem
2003 V. Denise Everett, MD, Raleigh
2004 Karen Hillenbrand, MD, Greenville
2005 Jane Meschan Foy, MD, Oak Ridge
2006 Dennis A. Clements, III, MD, MPH, PhD, Chapel Hill
2007 Alan D. Stiles, MD, Chapel Hill
2008 Jon S. Abramson, MD, Winston-Salem
2009 Kenneth B. Roberts, MD, Greensboro
2010 Harvey J. Hamrick, MD, Chapel Hill, and Sarah Hendricks Sinal, MD, Winston-Salem
2011 David Ingram, Chapel Hill
2012  J. Edward Spence, MD, Charlotte
2013 Dale A. Newton, MD
2014 Jacob A Lohr, MD
2015 Julie Story Byerley, MD, MPH, FAAP
2016 Charles Willson, MD, FAAP
2017 Amina Ahmed, MD, FAAP
2018 Eliana M. Perrin, MD, MPH, FAAP
2019 Coleen Cunningham, MD, FAAP 



Good for Kids Award

Given to an individual or organization who initiates or participates in a community or statewide effort to improve the quality of life for infants, children, adolescents or young adults.
Past Recipients:
Paula Wolf, Covenant with NC's Children
Thomas J. Dimmock, "Pull the Plug on Media Violence"
Frank Herbert, support for NCPS programs
Adrian Sandler, MD, Asheville, Buncombe County gun safety project
Ellen Roberts, RN, MPH, Greensboro, Reach Out and Read
2000 Stephanie Fanjul, Raleigh, Childcare Star-Rated Licensure
2001 June Milby, NC Division of Medical Assistance, NC Health Choice Coordinator
2003 Sari Teplin, Chapel Hill, Covering Kids
The Agricultural Resources Center, Carrboro, Alan Spalt, Executive Director
The North Carolina Child Advocacy Institute, Raleigh, Barbara Bradley, Executive Director 
Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch, NC Division of Public Health, Dr. Luanne K. Williams
Safe Kids North Carolina, NC Department of Insurance, Kelly Ransdell, State Coordinator
ECU/UHS Pediatric Healthy Weight Research & Treatment Center
Dorothy Caldwell, NC Division of Public Health, School Health Initiatives
Diane Lewis, Program Coordinator, North Carolina Pediatric Society
Kelly Haupt, RDH, MPA, NC's Oral Health – Dental Varnish Program, Raleigh
Patricia Garrett, PhD, Covering Kids & Families, Raleigh
Sue L. Makey, CAE, NC Academy of Family Physicians, Newton Grove
Joyce Moore, RN, FNE, MPH, Child Medical Evaluation Program, Chapel Hill
Pamela Seamans, MPP, NC Alliance for Health
Kathleen Clarke-Pearson, MD, Southern Pines
Brian Lewis, MPA, Executive Director of the Covenant with North Carolina's Children
William Taub, MSW, Camp Kaleidoscope
Jeffrey Simms, MSPH, MDIV
Carolyn Sexton, BSN, MPH
Holy Angels
2010 Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission
2011 Cameron Graham, MPH
Governor Morehead School for the Blind, Raleigh
Prevent Blindness North Carolina, Jennifer Talbot, Executive Director
Governor's Vision Commission, Ophthalmologist members, Michael Bartiss, MD, Southern Pines; David Wallace, MD, Durham; William Young, MD, Greensboro; General Pediatrician, Peter Morris, MD, Fuquay-Varina
2013 North Carolina Infant and Young Child Mental Health Association
Anita Farel, Ph.D.
Jesse Lewis
2016 Alamance Partnership for Children
2018 Joseph Ponzi, JD,  Partner Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP 



Honorary Membership Award

Given to a pediatrician who has accomplished outstanding work in the field of pediatrics and made substantial contributions to the Society.
Past Recipients:
Jay Arena
H. David Bruton
Susan Dees
Floyd W. Denny
E. Stephen Edwards
George A. Engstrom 
William W. Farley
Thomas Eliot 
Charles Gay
Kenneth Geddie
Henry W. Johnson
Samuel L. Katz
William Lord London
John F. Lynch
Angus M. McBride
Jonnie Horn McLeod
James C. Parke, Jr.
George E. Prince
Fletcher Raiford
Frank R. Reynolds
Jimmie L. Rhyne
Oliver F. Roddey, Jr.
Jimmy L. Simon
David T. Tayloe, Sr.
Jon B. Tingelstad
G. Earl Trevathan
Bailey Webb
Thad B. Wester
David R. Williams, Sr.
Robert P. Schwartz
Olson Huff
Charlie L. Kennedy
Wallace D. "Wally" Brown, MD



James D. Bernstein Excellence in Public Service to Children Award

(Formerly the Legislative Award, formerly the Excellence in Public Service to Children Award) Given to a public servant in either the executive or legislative branch of government in recognition of outstanding achievement to improve the health and well being of children and adolescents.
Past Recipients:
Legislative Award
Rep. Marie Colton, Asheville
Sen. Charles Hipps, Waynesville
Sen. Russell Walker, Asheboro
Rep. Ruth Easterling, Charlotte
Sen. James Ezzell, Jr., Rocky Mount
Sen. Helen Marvin, Gastonia
Rep. Joe Hackney, Chapel Hill
Rep. Theresa Esposito, Winston-Salem
Rep. Narvel Jim Crawford, Asheville
Sen. James Ezzell, Jr., Rocky Mount
Sen. Helen Marvin, Gastonia
Rep. Joe Hackney, Chapel Hill
Excellence in Public Service to Children Award
Henry Jones, JD, Raleigh, Attorney
Thomas Vitaglione, MPH, Raleigh, NC Division of Public Health
Barbara Matula, Raleigh, Director, NC Division of Medical Assistance
Rep. Dub Dickson, Gastonia
Ann Wolfe, MD, Durham, NC Division of Public Health
Governor James B. Hunt, Jr., State of North Carolina
1995 Dennis Williams, Raleigh, NC Division of Medical Assistance
1996 Margaret Arbuckle, Greensboro, NC Child Advocacy Institute
1997 Attorney General Michael Easley, Southport
1998 NC Lieutenant Governor Dennis Wicker, Sanford
1999 Rep. Phillip S. Baddour, Jr., Goldsboro
2000 Paul R. Dick Perruzzi, Raleigh, NC Division of Medical Assistance
2001 H. David Bruton, MD, Southern Pines, Secretary of NC Department of Health and Human Services
2002 Sen. William R. Purcell, MD, Laurinburg
2003 Rep. Martin Nesbitt, Asheville
2004 Rep. Edd Nye, Bladenboro
James D. Bernstein Excellence in Public Service to Children Award
James D. Bernstein, MPH, Director, NC Office of Rural Health & Assistant Secretary, North Carolina DHHS
Beth Rowe-West, RN, BSN, Thomasville, NC Immunization Branch
2006 NC Lieutenant Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue
2007 Rep. Martha Bedell Alexander and Rep. Verla Insko
Jeffrey Barnhart, NC General Assembly
Rep. Jennifer Weiss, NC General Assembly
2009 Leah McCall Devlin, DDS, MPH
2010 Chris G. Hoke, JD, Chief of Regulatory and Legal Affairs in the Division
2011 Torlen "Tork" Wade, MSPH
2012  Roy A. Cooper, III, NC Attorney General
2013 Tara R. Larson
2014 Kevin Ryan, MD, MPH
2015 Josephine Cialone, MS, RD
2016 Sandy Terrell, MS, RN
2017 Megan Davies, MD
2018 Rep. Gregory F. Murphy, MD
2019 Dave Richard 


Rising Star Early Career Physician Award 

The Rising Star Early Career Physician Award is given to a pediatrician within their first ten years of completion of post-graduate training, in residency or fellowship, who has demonstrated excellence in the community by contributions to clinical medicine, research, education or advocacy in Pediatrics. 


2017 Yun Boylston, MD, FAAP 

2018 Emily B. Vander Schaaf, MD, MPH, FAAP

2019 Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti, MD

Steve Shore Service Award

(Formerly the Award of Appreciation) The Steve Shore Service Award is given to an individual or organization who has demonstrated unwavering interest in and loyalty to the North Carolina Pediatric Society for a minimum of five years. Particular consideration is given to members who have taken the initiative to serve effectively on behalf of the society and who have responded to requests for service from the society, but it is not a requirement.
The award honors Steve Shore, a long-time loyal Executive Director of the society, who retired in 2014. 
Eligibility: individual or organization
Form of award: Plaque
Past Recipients:
Award of Appreciation
Tracey Bradshaw, Winston-Salem
Marcia Herman-Giddens, PA, DrPH, Pittsboro
2005 Sharon McGarry Foster, MD, Raleigh
Julie Story Byerly, MD, MPH, Chapel Hill
W. Scott St. Clair, MD, Boone
Andrew R. Shulstad, MD, Charlotte
Judy Wood, MD, Greenville
Gregg Talente, MD, Columbia, SC
2011 W. Scott St. Clair, MD, Boone
2014 Steve Shore, MSW, Cary
2015 Elizabeth Cuervo Tilson, MD, MPH, FAAP
2016 Kenya McNeal-Trice, MD, FAAP
2017 John Rusher, MD, JD, FAAP
2018 David L. Hill, MD, FAAP
2019 Norma Marti 


Tom Vitaglione Child Health Advocacy Award

Given to an individual or agency from the non-profit sector for outstanding achievement or advocacy efforts to promote child health.
Past Recipients:
Tom Vitaglione, MPH, Raleigh
Adam Searing, JD, MPH, Chapel Hill 
2009 Pam Silberman, JD, DrPH, Chapel Hill
2010 Barbara Bradley, Raleigh
2011 Steven E. Shore, MPH, Raleigh
2012 Michelle Hughes, MSW, Raleigh
2013 Elizabeth Hudgins
2014 Karen St. Claire, MD 
2015 Karen McLeod, MSW
2016 Greg Griggs, MPA, CAE 
2017 Beth Messersmith, MPA
2018 Legal Aid of North Carolina
2019 Kathleen Clarke-Peason, MD, FAAP