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NCPeds Committees Overview
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This committee will oversee and monitor the fiscal operations of the organization, develop an annual budget for recommendation by the board and develop and assist in the implementation of a funding strategy for the society.

Chair: David Tayloe III

Members: Christoph Diasio, Rose Duckworth, Nicki Groves, Katie Lowry, Susan Mims,  John Rusher, Dave Tayloe Jr

Staff Contacts: Kim Day, Elizabeth Hudgins, Kelsey Kemp


This committee will develop and oversee a human resources process including the establishment of job descriptions, a salary schedule, criteria for merit and other increases and job performance whereupon these processes will be overseen by the Executive Committee. It is comprised of the President, Vice-President and Past President.

Chair: Susan Mims

Members: Christoph Diasio, Scott, St Clair

Staff: Elizabeth Hudgins


This committee will serve as the central planning group for the organization and as an advisory group to the executive director.  It also will have full authority to act for the board in managing the affairs of the corporation during intervals between meetings of the board. It is comprised of officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President).

Chair: Susan Mims

Members: Christoph Diasio, Kenya McNeal-Trice, Scott St Clair, David Tayloe III

Staff: Elizabeth Hudgins


This committee will develop and oversee educational opportunities for the membership.

Chair: Kenya McNeal-Trice

Members: Elizabeth Erickson, David Ingram, Karen Fieselman Stroud,  Anna Miller-Fitzwater, Ed Spence, David Tayloe III

Staff Contact:  Kathryn Carroll, Elizabeth Hudgins 

Public Policy:

This committee will develop and oversee public policy efforts by the organization. 

Co-Chairs: Theresa Flynn and John Rusher   

Members: Michelle Bucknor, Richard Chung, Christine Collins, Kathleen Flynn, Theresa Flynn, David Hill, Lori Langdon, Larry Mann, Edith Nieve, Ganga Moorthy,  Stefanie Reed, Bryan Stup.

Staff Contact:  Elizabeth Hudgins 


This committee is responsible for recruiting, engaging and increasing membership and will be chaired by the Vice-President.

Co-Chairs: Christoph Diasio, Larry Mann

Members: Graham Barden, Richard Chung, Kathleen Clarke-Pearson, Christine Collins, David Hill, Alexandra Jackson, Katie Lowry, Preeti Matkins, Bryan Stup, Chief Resident Representative

Staff Contacts: Kathryn Carroll, Elizabeth Hudgins, Kelsey Kemp

Board Relations:

This committee will be responsible for nominating, orienting and continuing to develop members of the Board of Directors and will be chaired by the immediate Past-President. This committee is responsible for developing a slate of candidates for all offices and vacancies on the Board of Directors.  The committee chair will present the names of the candidates for officers at the Spring meeting of the membership and nominate the remaining members of the Board of Directors when vacancies arise or at the first meeting of the Board following the Annual meeting.  The slate of officers will be published and distributed to the membership and to the Board in advance of their consideration.  The committee will be responsible for nominating or receiving nominations and determining recipients for the organization's awards. 

Chair: Scott St Clair

Members: Marian Earls, David Hill, Gerri Mattson, Peter Morris, Lourdes Pereda

Staff Contact: Elizabeth Hudgins

Pediatric Council:

Pediatric Council members are focused on practice management and educating public and private health plans about child health and issues of importance to the practice of pediatrics. 

Co-Chairs: Graham Barden, Christoph Diasio  

Members: Debbie Ainsworth, Natacha Draper, Susan Mims, Dan Ostrovsky, Michael Riddick, John Rusher,      Scott St. Clair.

Staff Contact: Elizabeth Hudgins


This committee is dedicated to the health of children in the hospital setting through advocacy, education and service. 

Co-Chairs: Sara Horstmann, Preeti Matkins

Staff Contact: Kelsey Kemp

Early Career Physician:

This committee provides valuable guidance and resources for early career physicians who are transitioning out of residency and fellowship.

Co-Chairs: Jeanna Auriemma, David Tayloe III

Members: Melinda Beavers, Paige Darnell, Ellie Erickson, Akilah Grimes, Anna Miller-Fitzwater, Krista Sirois

Staff Contact: Kelsey Kemp

Subspecialist Task Force:

This task force will help NCPeds better understand and serve the needs of the pediatric subspecialist community.

Co-Chairs: Richard Chung, Richard Sutherland

Staff Contact: Kelsey Kemp