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Why CCNC & CC4C are important to foster care and local Departments of Social Services
Explains Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC), regional CCNC networks, and their role in improving the quality of care for patients with Medicaid.
  How the CCNC Provider Portal helps the PCP manage children in foster care
Discusses Provider Portal’s role in improving care coordination and filling information gaps for youth in foster care.
  The NC Foster Care Population, local Departments of Social Services and their responsibilities
Describes the experiences and needs of children and youth in foster care in NC; details some of the responsibilities of local Departments of Social Services.
  How DSS uses the Health Summary Forms
Highlights NC Division of Social Services’ support for county implementation of the Health History/Summary Forms; walks viewer through the process of using the forms.

Core Components of Fostering Health NC and the Foster Care Medical Home & the Letter of Agreement

Explains the Core Components of Fostering Health NC model; this resource provides a framework for understanding each stakeholder’s roles within the model.