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Two-Way Vax Trade


2020 Webinars 

New Flexibilities in Two Way Borrowing with VFC During Flu Season

Process changes to maximize use of existing vaccine supply: To help make sure more children get their flu shots, the NC Division of Public Health has implemented some important changes to the process for bi-directional borrowing with Vaccines for Children. The process for borrowing/replacing virtual inventory in the NCIR has been streamlined. Doses for flu must be replaced within 90 days and before 12/31/20. (Doses for other vaccines need to be replaced within 30 days.) The TYPE of vaccines needs to match, but the BRAND does not. 


The Immunization Branch in Division of Public Health resources on new flexibilities to allow bi-directional borrowing with VFC using data from NCIR or your EMR for documentation:


Borrowing checklist:


Webinar explaining it all with Beth Meadows at Immunization Branch and Dr. Christoph Diasio and Lisa Delphias from NCPeds’ Board: